Social enterprise Start-up


Poppi is a new museum dedicated to retelling the story about drugs. Poppi organises pop-ups and (online) experiences and is gradually growing towards having its own venue.

Poppi is a social enterprise set on opening minds, breaking taboos and challenging assumptions.

Opening soon: the XTC shop – reshaping social structures

Imagine that policy makers decide to regulate the sales of MDMA – the active ingredient in XTC. Our upcoming pop-up is an art-installation and thought-provoking public experiment. The XTC-shop will open mid July of 2022 in Utrecht. More exciting info follows soon!

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Upcoming: Tales from the Drug Closet

Do you dare to talk about your experiences with drugs? The ‘Tales from the Drug Closet‘ project invites people to ‘come out’ about their drug use. Anonymous, or out in the open: you can decide. Our app will soon be available.