Mick Jonkman

Stageplek Marketingcommunicatie

De Stage: Je wordt onderdeel van het Poppi marketing-team onder supervisie van Mick Jonkman. Het team gaat de uitdaging aan om de communicatie en marketing van Poppi uit te bouwen en naar een volgend level te brengen.

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A Night On Drugs in Amsterdam

It’s not what you think. Or maybe it is what you think. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what you think, because you are probably wrong about drugs in Amsterdam, no matter what your “experience” was when you were in your twenties traveling through Europe.

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Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam is still under construction, but is developing at a rapid pace. At the moment, we are working on a number of ‘poppi-up’ expositions which will debut in Amsterdam in 2020. Alongside this, we are regularly organising engaging meet-ups, debates and events. Keep a keen eye on our agenda to keep in the loop.

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Cannabis, ayahuasca and other ‘Plants of the Gods’ as spiritual tools

Throughout history people have used psychoactive substances like cannabis, mushrooms and ayahuasca as spiritual tools. Some scholars even suggest that the use of these substances lies at the root of the very first forms of organized religion. The links between drugs, spirituality and religion were the theme of a fascinating event at Amsterdam’s Lloyd Hotel on November 6, 2019.

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Sensory experience about drugs & religion

For some dancing until sunrise on XTC can be a spiritual experience, while others consider cannabis a holy plant. Opening your mind with the hallucinogenic drink ayahuasca or with peyote can generate a level of mindfulness not experienced before...

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Opinie – drugs bloed aan handen

Een ‘veelkoppig monster’ dat bestreden moet worden. Zo noemen onze politieke leiders het drugsprobleem tijdens het Tweede Kamer-debat van donderdag 10 oktober. Bij dat bestrijden wijst iedereen naar elkaar. Minister Grapperhaus wijst naar politiebaas Akerboom, die weer wijst naar de ‘yogasnuiver’ – die weer wijst naar Grapperhaus.

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What does Mainline do?

Poppi Drugs Museum Amsterdam is een initiatief van stichting Mainline. Mainline zet zich al 30 jaar in voor mensen die drugs gebruiken en daar risico’s bij lopen. Mainline zoekt met mensen naar de voor hen haalbare doelen.

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Next step?

Thanks to your overwhelming support during our crowdfunding campaign, we can now start to organise our first Poppi-event. We have plenty of wild and interesting ideas, but would first like to get to know you – our prime audience – better.

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We made it!

Thanks to you Poppi is now off to a flying start. We are very grateful for all the support from you: our family, friends, colleagues, work relations, sponsors and early believers.

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