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Digital Drugs Tour

Poppi presents: a unique Digital Drugs Tourthrough Amsterdam. Travel back in time to the rough Amsterdam city center of the 1980s and 1990s, with our augmented reality, video /audio clips and game elements placing you in the driving seat of recent history’s hard drug scene.

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Experience this tour at any time, through the convenience of downloading the tour to your mobile phone.The tour starts and ends at Amsterdam Central Station and takes you through the Zeedijk, the Red Light District and via the Dam to the Spuistraat. Discover the city's hidden drug history: the Red Light areas, the places where overdose and murder were rife, as well as the safe spaces that people who used drugs created for themselves.


The 'Digital Drugs Tour'
a ‘city game’ into Amsterdam’s hard drugs scene of the 1980s and ‘90s


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The Poppi Team


It was very fun and educational 👌🏻

24 juli 2020

Very educational and fun!

10 juli 2020

Super nice to get to know the city in this way! And its history of course.

18 juli 2020

Very nice walk where you go back in time in a playful way and at the same time learn something.. highly recommended!

21 juli 2020


Poppi's profit partially flows back to the initiator of the museum: Mainline Foundation. In doing so, we promote the health of people who use drugs through social projects at home and abroad.

Ultimately, we also employ people who (used to) use drugs, to give them a job opportunity. 
In this way, Poppi not only contributes to more knowledge about drugs and policy, but also to more understanding and better care.




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