This is your chance to ask Niko Vorobyov anything you like! This writer was sentenced to prison for drug dealing. After a prison sentence of two and a half years, he delved deep into the international drug trade. In his book he fascinatingly explains the trade and the war on drugs, and takes us on encounters with users, dealers, gang members and assassins.

In this book presentation, Niko Vorobyov shares his stories about the Yakuza in Japan, the tough battle in the Philippines, the excesses in Mexico, the situation in South Africa, the Mafia in Italy, the addiction crisis in the US, and the XTC trade in the Netherlands. Niko Vorobyov sheds light on shady businesses. It is a book full of colourful people and bizarre anecdotes.


The writer was born in Leningrad. He studied history in London and has a master's degree in criminology and international relations. 


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