Poppi: The museum about drugs

Drugs are a controversial subject. However, society’s ideas are often riddled with misconceptions and judgement. As a result, drug laws are often ill considered and people using drugs run unnecessary risks.

Poppi’s goal is to stimulate our visitors to view drugs and drug use from different perspectives. Everyone has to deal with drugs in their own lives. We’ll tell the complete story which enables our guests to form their opinions based on facts, instead of emotion, which is often the case at the moment. Poppi tells stories about health and crime, highs and lows.

Drugs: The whole truth

Poppi combines science with stunning art and new technology. Visitors can experience, through virtual reality, what it's like to be among the heroin users on the streets of Dar Es Salaam. We invite you to play interactive games which shows the impact of drug policies on people's lives. We’ll surprise you with our collection of historical paraphernalia: from sniffing tubes to opium pipes. We’ll shed light on ancient rituals and current youth culture through photography. And personal stories are used to shed light on drug cultures, from ancient ritual to current youth culture. The drug story isn’t black or white. So Poppi tells the whole story, with all its nuances.








The profits of the museum flow back to initiator Mainline Foundation. In doing so, we promote the health of people who use drugs through social projects at home and abroad.

Ultimately, we also employ people who (used to) use drugs, to give them a job opportunity. 
In this way, Poppi not only contributes to more knowledge about drugs and policy, but also to more understanding and better care.




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