In reaction to mayor Halsema

Publication the guardian

Big compliments to our Amsterdam mayor Halsema. In her article in the The Guardian on January 5, 2024, she calls for reforms in our Dutch as well as international drug policy. Poppi wholeheartedly endorses this call to explore alternatives to the ‘war on drugs’. It is obvious that the current drug policy is failing: the illegal drug trade flourishes and drug-related violence increases, as does the environmental damage caused by drug production. Something has to change.

policy based on facts

We strongly support a drug policy based on facts rather than emotions and morality. Last year, we moved into the vanguard with our XTC shop, investigating how Dutch people would find the regulated sale of xtc acceptable. Our public experiment may seem like just a light-hearted action to outsiders, but in reality it is a well-thought-out speculative public experiment. The XTC shop also fuels further research around policy reforms. We recently published the results from the experiment in a report.

looking for solutions

The drug scene of the Netherlands has changed. The perceptions, conversations, the problems and solutions no longer match the backward actions our Dutch government is taking. It is encouraging to see a politician bold enough to expose this. You have our support, mayor!