• 23 juli 2020
  • 19:00
  • Het Vrijpaleis - Paleisstraat 107, 1012 ZL Amsterdam
  • Facebook event

On 23 July, Poppi will screen the unique and very intense animation ‘Kostya Proletarsky’. This animation film tells the story of an HIV activist who used drugs and who died after being mistreated and tortured in Russian prison.

The film is shown inside ‘Het Vrijpaleis’ against the background of the Dutch Drugs Stories photo exhibition. Visitor are welcome starting 19:00h and can take their time to see the photo expo. The movie starts at 20:00h.  

Tickets are available here

A short introduction to the animation:

On 19 June 2009 Kostya Proletarsky, a drug user and HIV activist, died of tuberculosis meningitis at the Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia. His death was the result of three years of mistreatment and torture at the prison facility No. 4 in Karelia, Russia. In Russia, where drug treatment is barely available, imprisonment becomes the main “solution” to the problem of drug addiction. But unfortunately, these institutions don’t cure. Instead, prisons kill. The animated hand drawn documentary, featuring the original audio interview with Kostya and his mother, Irina, aims to commemorate Kostya Proletarsky and many others who have not survived prison systems around the world. 

The animated movie is produced by the Rights Reporter Foundation, narrated by Anya Sarang, directed by István Gábor Takács, and is hand drawn frame by frame by Lili Rontó. 

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