Upcoming: House of HIV

Fourty years ago the first person in the Netherlands died from the effects of AIDS. Since then, there have been many community initiatives that have protected, informed, cared for and championed the interests of people living with HIV and their loved ones. The stories of the most affected communities are shared during this unique expo.

House of HIV

Between 19 August en 9 September 2022, the city of Amsterdam will host the unique exposition – House of HIV. The expo is spread across several venues in Amsterdam and visitors can take a pleasant walk from one venue to the next. This initiative is co-created by seven community organisations: Prostitutie Informatie Centrum, Trans United, Black Queer Archives, Mainline/Poppi, IHLIA, Hello Gorgeous and the Hiv Vereniging

Community rooms

Each of the partner organisations will host a ‘room’ with stories from a specific community or perspective. Part of the exposition is outside – in front of the city hall of Amsterdam for example. Paradiso will also host one room. The Mainline/Poppi office will open the doors for a room about the impact of HIV on the community of people who use drugs.

Crowdfunding campaign

You can support this initiative by donating to our crowdfunding campaign. Find more information on our campaign page!

19 August - 9 September 2022

Across Amsterdam

Crowdfunding is now open!