Movie Night: Users Unite!

Poppi, together with Drug Reporter, presents a sneak preview of a short film about the drug user rights movement. This is the films premier in the Netherlands. For the occasion we invited one of the founding fathers of the Dutch drug user rights movement: Theo van Dam.


Junkie bond

Since January 1981, when the first drug user group ‘Junkie-bond’ was established in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the drug user movement has grown exponentially: people who use drugs have continued to organise and form collectives and unions to protect and defend the health and human rights of their community. This struggle for autonomy, self-determination and empowerment of people who use drugs has been, and is,
a global phenomenon.

The Rights Reporter Foundation and the International Network of People who use Drugs (INPUD) are producing a documentary film series that aims to document how the movement of people who use drugs have formed around the world, how they maintain momentum and mobilise, and how they undertake their work and show resilience in a context of criminalisation, marginalisation and oppression.

The first episode of the series features Theo van Dam, together with Nico Adriaans, one of the founding fathers of the drug user movement in the Netherlands. The episode uncovers he history of the movement in the Netherlands, and how it inspired activists in Belgium and France. 


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Dutch Drugs Stories

This night is organised as part of the photo expo Dutch Drugs Stories. Your ticket grants you access to this underground expostion as well as the film screening and Q&A. More information about the expo: Dutch Drugs Stories

19 juli 2020

19:00 - 22:00

Het Vrijpaleis - Paleisstraat 107, 1012 ZL Amsterdam