Digital Drugs Tour Ticket [ENGLISH]


[Click here for DUTCH version]


Poppi presents: a unique Digital Drugs Tour through Amsterdam.Travel back in time to the rough Amsterdam city center of the 1980s and 1990s, with our augmented reality, video /audio clips and game elements placing you in the driving seat of recent history’s hard drug scene.


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Good to know in advance:

To take the Digital Drugs Tour you must (temporarily) install an app on your phone. The app / tour has a basic mode and an advanced mode for newer phones (some exciting extra features). In principle the tour should work on every type of smartphone.


  • – All in all, the Digital Drugs Tour is a  relatively big file – you need about 100MB of space. Of course you can free up all this space after you finish the tour.
  • – You can download the tour completely at home (via WiFi) – after that you don’t need an internet connection
  • – You do need GPS during the tour and the app requests access to your location. The app also requests access to your camera for augmented reality elements.
  • – There are audio clips in the tour, so bring earphones if you have them!

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