Poppi Drug Bonds – Your share in Poppi [ENGLISH]


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Thank you for deciding to become co-owner of Poppi – our unique museum about drugs! When buying stock you provide Poppi with work capital. In time, you can get a return on your investment. Through the distribution of dividends or by re-selling your share when Poppi has increased its value.

A complete explanation about shares in Poppi can be found here.

Please send us an email should you still have questions after reading the conditions. You can reach us via stak@poppi.amsterdam.

In the below form you can decide how many shares you would like to purchase. One Certificate is €25,-. You can of course buy a more substantial number of Certificates.

It’s important that you complete the form entirely, as we use your details for the registration in our (legal) Register for Certificate-holders. After your purchase you will receive a formal confirmation document – via email – within 14 days. Upon receipt, you will be an official co-owner of Poppi.   

Kind Regards,
The Poppi team

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