We envision a world with honest and responsible education about drugs. It will take time and dedication. By investing in shares, you can help us in the long term.  

By purchasing a Certificate of Share you support Poppi and provide working capital. That support is indispensable. Poppi is a social enterprise and the proceeds from Depositary Receipts allow us to further build our business. Ultimately that means: fair education about drugs and better health and employment for people who use drugs.

Poppi has just begun. As a result, we do not expect to make a large profit in the coming years. We will (also) use the money earned to further build our company. Moreover, it is good to know that part of the profit flows back to the Mainline foundation – that is part of our social mission. The profit distribution per Certificate will therefore be modest. If you purchase a larger number of shares, the ultimate dividend payment will of course also increase. And also: as Poppi grows, the value of your shares grows too. You can sell them at a favourable time and then receive a substantial return on your investment.

How does it work?

Poppi issues Depositary Receipts of Shares. These are managed by Stichting Administratiekantoor Poppi Museum (‘the STAK’). The STAK administration conditions can be found here. The main points:

Certificates of Shares

▸ Each Certificate of a share has a unique number and is registered in the Register of Certificate Holders.

▸ This Register of Certificate Holders is regularly updated and can be viewed at Poppi’s office upon request.

▸ The issue price of one unique Certificate of a share is 25 euros.

▸ With the purchase of a Certificate of a share you become co-owner of Poppi. This generates working capital for us and allows us to grow further.


▸ You can purchase one or more Certificates of Shares using the form in our webshop .

▸ Holders of Certificates of Shares are required (by law) to provide their name and contact details. By completing the online form, you will automatically be registered in the Register of Certificate Holders upon first purchase.

▸ Payment can be done using iDEAL. Should you prefer to pay in any other way, please contact us via

▸ You will receive an email 14 days after you bought one or more Certificates. This email is a formal confirmation of your registration in our Register for Certificate Holders and is accompanied by a ‘leveringsakte’ (a notification of you becoming the owner of Poppi shares).

▸ These 14 days are also equal to your statutory cooling-off period. If you still want to cancel your purchase after purchase, you can let us know at

Rights and participation

▸ A Certificate of Share gives you right to profit and indirect participation (but no direct voting right in the private company (b.v.) Poppi).

▸ The STAK represents the interests of the Certificate Holders during the General Shareholder Meeting of (b.v.) Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam. Dividends are paid through the STAK. The STAK distributes this pro rata among all Certificate Holders.

▸ As a Certificate Holder, you have no direct say in the operations of the drug museum (no voting rights), but you do have an indirect say through the STAK. At least once a year, the STAK calls a meeting that all Certificate Holders can attend (Meeting Rights). Within this STAK meeting you do have the right to vote (each Certificate of Share entitles you to one vote). The STAK then represents all Certificate Holders during the Shareholders’ Meeting of Poppi.

▸ A Certificate Holder has the right to profit. The STAK receives – if the results are good – dividends from the BV. and distributes these among the Certificate Holders.

Changes and sale

▸ Changes in contact details must be communicated via The same applies to the (partial) sale of Certificates of Shares. The Registry of Certificate Holders is legally guiding in determining ownership of Certificates and the Certificate Holder is responsible for correct notification of changes and sales.

▸ A Certificate Holder is entitled to find a buyer for his Certificates of Shares and to agree on a price per Certificate. However, the STAK must give formal permission for the sale of certificates.

▸ In the event of (re) sale of Certificates of Shares, the original owner is responsible for notifying the STAK on the sale – via This concerns the contact details of the new owner, the date of the sale and the amount for which the Certificates of Shares have been purchased.

▸ If the sale is not reported correctly, the new owner cannot be included in the Register of Certificate Holders and no sale (delivery) has taken place.


▸ Certificate holders receive a (digital) message about Poppi’s progress at least twice a year. Other information and updates are shared via email.

▸ A (digital) meeting for Certificate Holders is organised at least once a year.


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