A museum retelling the story of drugs

Take a trip through the universe of drugs. Experience a multitude of perspectives with immersive art and stunning stories. Poppi goes beyond good and bad, high and low, right and wrong. We’re a new museum retelling the story about drugs. We’re set on opening minds, breaking taboos and challenging assumptions. We envision a world with honest and responsible education about drugs.


Our mission

Drugs have the power to divide societies and people. They are evil, pleasurable, wonderful, illegal, criminal, sensational, destructive, spiritual and many other things, depending on who you ask. Poppi collects stories, facts and perspectives ond drugs. The museum creates a safe place to learn and talk about drugs, empowers individuals and inspires drug policies that respect human dignity, health and public safety.


A social enterprise

We were created by Mainline, a foundation that promotes health and fulfills the human rights of people who use drugs. Without a primary focus on the reduction of drug use and with respect for the individual drug user’s freedom of choice and human potential. Mainline fights drug user stigma. Profits of the museum benefit the work of Mainline foundation.


Open us

After a successful crowd funding action, we’ve started building. Throughout 2021 and 2022, we’re in nomad mode and will be organizing expo’s in various placed. Our goal is to create a physical museum in Amsterdam and a digital one for the world. Help us opening up and opening minds. Support us by contributing in various ways.