Social enterprise Start-up


Poppi is a new museum dedicated to retelling the story about drugs. Poppi organises pop-ups and (online) experiences and is gradually growing towards having its own venue.

Poppi is a social enterprise set on opening minds, breaking taboos and challenging assumptions.


Upcoming: Tales from the drug closet

Do you dare to talk about your experiences with drugs? The ‘Tales from the Drug Closet‘ project invites people to ‘come out’ about their drug use. Anonymous, or out in the open: you can decide. We tested our closet-prototype at the ecstacy store pop-up and will launch the app soon!

Book now :
Poppi Digital Drug Tour

This tour takes you back to Amsterdam in the rough eighties and nineties. Become part of Amsterdam’s drug history. Book your tour now here.

Ready to go global: the ecstacy shop

Did you visit our most recent pop-up – the ecstasy shop? The shop was hard to miss, with ample media-attention (including from The Guardian), the Dutch Health Minister and many other politicians visiting and lots of people attending our special public experiment in the midst of Utrecht. We are currently looking into copying the shop to other countries and into re-opening the shop in cyber space. Going global! 

Looking for investors

Poppi is ready to grow further, after four successful pop-up experiences, we are ready to look for a more permanent location. Are you interested to invest in our social enterprise? Please contact us via info@poppi.amsterdam

Latest expos

XTC Shop

Imagine the government would regulate the production and sale of ecstasy. Could anyone buy their pills anywhere, or would there be an age limit and strict supervision? In Poppi’s xtc-shop, you made the decision.

15 July until 29 September 2022

World of Opiates

Opium as a date rape drug in the 17th century, as a sedative and sleeping aid for the Pope in the 18th century and as a ‘party drug’ for pirates. Different times, different worlds. During ‘World of Opiates’ you learned all about the history of opiates.

3 December 2021 until 29 March 2022

Dutch Drug Stories

For a month you could immerse yourself in the 90’s Amsterdam streetsceene. How did sexworkers live? What were the norms for base coke users? Images from prizewinning photographers showed the Dutch drug scene in a raw and moving way. And you could take your own picture!

26 June until 26 July 2020