Dutch Drugs Tour


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Always wanted to know more about drugs in Amsterdam’s city centre? Book Poppi’s drug tour now! This tour will take you from the first pub where cannabis could be bought and smoked in the 1940s to the favourite shooting spot of heroin users in the 1990s.

Discover the city’s hidden drug history: from fast money to the activist Provo movement. Explore the streetwalking zones, the places where people lost their lives due to overdose or murder, and the safe spaces that users set up.

You can walk the tour on your phone at any time. Augmented reality, game elements and video clips put you right in the middle of the city’s drug scene. The tour starts at Amsterdam Central Station and ends in the city centre (near Dam square).

Tip: do it with a group of friends and compete for the highest score!

What you need:

  • A smartphone with a camera
  • GPS on your phone

Book your tour now and discover gritty Amsterdam!

Book an additional introduction
Are you interested in a specific topic? Or do you just want to dive deeper into drugs? As a group, you can also book an introduction at Poppi’s office or in a cafe prior to the tour.

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