Social mission

Social mission

Poppi is a social enterprise. We aspire to make a positive impact on society and this ambition is central to everything that we do. Poppi seeks to contribute to a healthy and safe society with fair drug policies.

Poppi strives for social impact in three ways:

  1. By providing evidence-based information and education about drugs in an accessible and attractive way: by using art, technology and experience design

In doing so, we hope to counter the stigma that is associated with drug use, break taboos, connect different stakeholders in the drug field, involve the general public in one of the most complex societal challenges of our time and spike an intelligent debate about how we respond to drugs in our society.

  1. By donating 30% of future profits to the initiator and special shareholder of the museum: Mainline Foundation

Mainline will use these funds for the benefit of the health and rights of people who use drugs across the world. Mainline focuses its efforts on people who use drugs and who have been pushed to the margins of society. Mainline has a strong presence in the Netherlands, but works in many other countries across the world. In most countries drug use is heavily criminalised and people who use drugs face many human rights violations.We want to change this.

  1. By employing people who struggle to find work due to their substances use

People who have lost control over their drug use may struggle to find work. Employers are usually not very tolerant towards substance use. People who use drugs and who struggle with additional problems – with their mental health, with debts or with relationships for example – experience difficulties in finding work. Poppi wants to create safe work spaces for this group of people, because we believe work is an important way to find your place in society.

Our museum contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals:

Are you excited about our social mission? Find out how you can support us. Together with our visitors we hope to build a social movement that advocates for fair drug policies.