Worlds of Opiates

Throughout December Poppi hosts an expo in the heart of Amsterdam: Worlds of Opiates. A collaboration between Poppi, Utrecht University, Inventors Guild and Corné van der Stelt.

Discover how opiates are ubiquitous in our world. Walk through a field of 3D poppy plants and learn the properties and shapes of the most powerful flower known to mankind. Interactive dioramas tell stories about opium, heroin and painkillers. The same active ingredient in different forms that trigger different social reactions.

Opium as a date rape drug in the 17th century, as a sedative and sleeping aid for the Pope in the 18th century and as a ‘party drug’ for pirates. Morphine conquered the fronts of the Great War as a pain reliever and heroin was once introduced as a non-addictive. Different times, different worlds. Enter them through this expo.

Visit Worlds of Opiates in Lil’ Amsterdam, in the Amstelpassage in Amsterdam Central Station. The exhibition is on a donation basis and is great to combine with our Digital Drugs Tour, which focuses on the heroin era in Amsterdam.  The Digital Drugs Tour starts and ends at Central Station. With the donations for Worlds of Opiates we continue to build on the realization of Poppi Drugs Museum.



Lil' Amsterdam, Amstelpassage Centraal Station

On a donation basis