Upcoming this summer: XTC SHOP

Imagine that policy makers decide to regulate the sales of MDMA – the active ingredient in XTC. It’s not a strange thought. Scientist have recently underscored that this would be a policy choice that has the best outcomes where it comes to health, safety and environment.

Poppi is planning a next pop-up exposition around this topic. Together with het Uitvindergilde and Corne van der Stelt we will create a social experiment. Our art-installation will help visitors to image a future where you can legally buy XTC. Our visitors are asked to think along with the scenario they think would work best. Should an XTC outlet take the form of a pharmacy? A (smart) shop? Or should you just be able to buy it at a party? Together with our research partner the University of Utrecht we intend to investigate what conditions for regulated sales would be acceptable to the general public.

We hope to open this pop-up close to summer time, but more news will follow soon. Stay posted via the Poppi socials and the page updates on the ‘Cultuurinnovatiefonds Provincie Utrecht’ website.

Upcoming/summer time