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Imagine: the government regulates the sale of ecstasy. How would you see that? Would anyone be able to buy pills and if so, from which places? Would you impose an age limit and strict supervision? You decide! Come to the xtc-shop to test your choices!


About the XTC-shop

Policymakers decide to regulate the sale of ecstasy, meaning you can just buy ecstasy in a store. Far-fetched idea or not? According to scientific research, the regulated production and sale of ecstasy offer the safest outcomes for health, environment and security.

That is why Drugs Museum Poppi – in close collaboration with  ‘t Uitvindersgilde and Corné van der Stelt are opening the very first ecstasy store in the Netherlands. We invite you into the fictional world in which ecstasy is regulated and bought legally – but you decide how and where. Come and join our public experiment!

Ticket price:
Regular 9 euro, Student 7 euro, CJP 7 euro, U-pas 5 euro.

A visit takes approximately 60 minutes.

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location & Opening hours

The xtc-shop is open from 15 July up to and including 29 September. You can find us in the Vinkenburgstraat 1-3 in Utrecht.

Opening hours:
Open daily between 13:00 and 18:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do we do?

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Take a unique tour through Amsterdam with our Digital Drugs Tour. You travel back to the rough Amsterdam of the 80s and 90s when the city center was still completely dominated by sex and drugs. You will be guided through the Amsterdam hard drug scene by means of audio, video and gamified elements while simply using an app on your own phone. Book now!

Tales from the drug closet

Do you dare to talk about your experiences with drugs? The ‘Tales from the Drug Closet‘ project invites people to ‘come out’ about their drug use. Anonymous, or out in the open: you can decide. The closet is currently being tested at our ecstasy shop in Utrecht. Read more here!


When you buy an item, you not only buy something totally unique, you also invest in a museum that stands for honest education and is actively breaking taboos concerning drug use. See what’s on our shelves!

Poppi drugsmuseum

Poppi is a new museum dedicated to retelling the story about drugs. Poppi organises pop-ups and (online) experiences and is gradually growing towards having its own venue.

Poppi is a social enterprise set on opening minds, breaking taboos and challenging assumptions.